What to expect if it’s your first time

If you’ve never enjoyed the intimate and friendly excitement of spending a few hours with a 24-hour escort in London, then you may be a little nervous on your first visit, and that’s completely normal.

After one of our ladies encountered a client recently who was treating himself to a 24-hour Companions booking for the first time in his life –he was christening the whole London escort experience – then our lady realised it may be time for such a post as this of how to act during your first encounter with one of our beautiful ladies.

Firstly, you may feel a little awkward when the door first opens to you or vice versa. The thing to do here is to take a drink when offered. If you are meeting in one of our lady’s apartments, be aware that they have an extremely well-stocked cocktail bar and can supply you with a range of tipples.

After 10 minutes or so of chatting, it may be recommended you experience the sensual delights of a sought-after massage. You’ll soon discover that there is no better way to relax than to feel fragrant and soft, warm hands pressed against your skin and slowly gliding over your neck, back and calves. You’ll have no inhibitions after that.

But it’s not only fingers that press your personal ‘relax at will’ button. For, at this point, the lights are usually dimmed; a few scented candles are lit, then switch on some soothing music too. You’ll probably gradually drift into some tranquil haven; indeed, any qualms and everyday worries will have long since packed their bags and left the room.

So, if you’re tempted after all that, why not give us a call?

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