Tantalising and teasing the burlesque way

The parody also has its sense of humour. Sometimes, people think the escort’s business is severe – but the girls have a sense of humour. Our ladies believe we should make clients at least smile – if not laugh. So, an excellent burlesque routine will include the elements which make you smile. A little light-hearted, flirty teasing is ideal.

The secrets of the boudoir a: this: embrace the parody if you want to liven up your love life. Thesatirey is the best way to add excitement to your life, as every good 24 hour escort knows,

Our ladies own a lot of burlesque-type clothing. They have a lot of 50s-type underwear, which works so well in this context. They have corsets which shrink their already neat waist to a tiny size. They also have suspender belts and silk stockings – the ones you can roll down slowly for expert effect.

They have camisole tops and matching shorts and have nipple tassels. Some of our burlesque ladies are good at using nipple tassels – now that’s a sight to see…

But the actual use of the parody and the boudoir is the hint and the tease. Making nothing blatant, our ladies always hold back a little – a promise of exciting things to come. Our ladies always make sure they are well-turned out and presented.

Our ladies are big believers in grooming, so their skin is always satin-smooth, their hair curled and waved expertly, and their make-up applied with precision. Of course, burlesque styles favour 50s make-up, which suits London escorts who embrace the ideal hourglass figure. They highlight their features with dark eyeliner, long eyelashes and beautiful deep red lipstick.

If you’d like to wear a shirt that you can leave behind (as our ladies may leave a trace of that lipstick on your collar,) that is entirely up to you…. But all adds to the authenticity.

So there you have it – the burlesque and the boudoir, all dressed in tasteful black lace with a hint of pink. Don’t you think it’s time you found out more? Then contact 24hr Companions – hurry, they can’t stay in those corsets forever…

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