Flexible hours to suit your schedule

Traditionally, men tend to book a 24-hour Companions lady after they have finished their work day and need some time to unwind and relax. Try something different for a change; have a girl sent to you in the early morning hours before you go to work. Spend a couple of hours with her, have a little fun, shower, clean up together and send her on her way. You´ll arrive at work with a little more spring in your step, maybe even with a smile and a renewed sense of energy. You´ll be ready as ever to take on and confront the daily challenges head-on that maybe your job has in store for you.

24-hour Companions has escorts available day and night and they work all year-round. No matter what hours you work, a lady will always be willing to provide innovative, intelligent, professional and fun companions for your enjoyment.

24-hour Companions know that not everybody works the same hours, which is essential for them to succeed as an escort, so they have to be flexible and be able to provide companionship at any hour of the day.

Maybe you don´t like to get up that early before work; perhaps you need to rest as much as possible. If you are trudging through the workday, paperwork is piling up, tensions and pressure are mounting inside… step out for a while, grab a bite to eat, and breathe fresh air. You could even make an appointment to see one of our in-call ladies. Our ladies can provide you with a nice massage to help you calm down and forget about the office for just a little while. You can return to work ready to face the tasks ahead of you. Every day and night is a good one when you make an appointment to spend some time with 24-hour Companions elite ladies.

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