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Priscilla is seductive and highly sexy with gentle curves and stunning features.
Rates: £750 - £750
Veronica Brunette 24hr Companions Escorts
Rates: £600 - £650
Russian Playmate Kamila is looking ready to have fun in this image
Rates: £350 - £400
Marjorie knows how to make the most of her curves and always looks a million dollars in her saucy lingerie.
Rates: £500 - £500
Tatiana Blonde 24hr Companions Escorts
Rates: £300 - £350
Haven in her escort profile picture for 24hr Companions agency
Rates: £350 - £400
Playful and naturally beautiful London escort model Nadine
Rates: £750 - £750

Russian Escorts

Welcome to our Gallery of Russian Escorts. Our escorts from Russia are sensual and sexy and a perfect blend of glamour, beauty and brains. These elite girls are perhaps the highest-rated of all escorts in London. This means some of them may charge a premium fee for their services. Explore our Russian escort gallery and get ready to be spoilt for a choice! 

Our girls here at 24hr Companions have 100% genuine and recent pictures, and we provide honest and accurate information for each escort. 

Sexy Russian Escorts Attributes

A Russian lady is typically beautiful, but not in the same way as many Eastern European escorts. You will find that many are also accurate models, or at least they have been at some point. However, many prefer this business because it's much more rewarding and it pays better. Russians are also very stylish. They say the Italians and the French are the most fashionable, but they have nothing on our Russian models.

Regarding their personalities, one main thing makes these girls stand out among so many other escorts. An escort from Russia will always be remarkably liberated, experimental and fun. If you ever find an open-minded escort, she's probably Russian. The same can be said for dinner dates and party bookings. These fine females will always go the extra mile for their clients. 

Why Girls From Russia Make The Best Dates

Some clients believe that Russian escorts come across as being slightly cold. This couldn't be further from the truth with our girls. However, they are very laid back and relaxed and don't tend to have unnecessary emotional reactions to things that aren't a big deal. And whilst discussing Russian attributes, we have to mention that sexy accent. You'll feel like you're in a James Bond movie when you're with one of these girls. 

A Russian escort does make the perfect date. For example, if you are the type of client that likes to connect with your companion, you couldn't make a better choice. They love to chat and get to know their clients, and most have excellent English language skills. And there's no more significant turn-on than a Russian woman speaking English in that accent. It's very alluring indeed. They are never afraid to take the lead on a date or in a relationship, and they always know when it's time to give way and be more submissive. 

Booking our Intelligent Model Escorts

These beautiful companions have a high level of intelligence, which translates into everything they do. Even if you take them to dinner with people you know, they behave naturally. They are always confident and comfortable in any situation. And it never hurts to have a beautiful woman sharing dinner with you.

If there is one thing that you can depend on with a Russian escort, it's her genuine interest in her dates. There must be an escorting school, especially for Russians; they are good. Top escorts from Russia always get excellent feedback, so what are you waiting for?


Russian escorts in London at 24hr Companions


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