The Oxo Tower

Another great London date idea takes us into Waterloo; today, we will look at one of London’s most popular up-and-coming dining experiences, the Oxo Tower. Found on Barge House Street, SE1 9PH; it is close to various tube stations for easy access. Renowned for its prominent tower that rises from the building on the south bank of the River Thames. The building has multiple designs, arts and crafts shops, and substantial art galleries. Still, the area we will concentrate on today is The Oxo Tower Restaurant, which is on the 8th floor, the rooftop level.

The reason that we have chosen this venue is for the facilities you can take advantage of before or after dinner. Unlike most restaurants, where you join and join, then leave, the Oxo Towers ground floors with the galleries and shops offer you a chance to take in some culture with your chosen London escort. You will be surprised by how interested our girls will be; some even amaze you with their art knowledge. To summarise, the galleries offer a perfect ice break; you can grab a drink and walk around without worrying about conversation as the paintings do the talking themselves.

The main event, The Oxo Tower Restaurant, is an elegant dining experience which provides the best views of London. An entire glass frontage enables all diners to experience the glorious views of London as you overlook the Thames and Victoria Embankment. In terms of cuisine, Restaurantveryone is a very ambitious and adventurous global take on dining. If this wasn’t impressive enough, then you could spend an entire day browsing through the wine list; with an incredible 800 different wines on it, you are sure to find the tipple you are looking for with your elite London escort. Due to the elegant nature of the restaurant,t it is a popular choice amongst the celebrity crowd, so do not be surprised to be rubbing shoulders with familiar faces.

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