Why you shouldn’t book a cheap escort…

You want to live well, you want to have nice things, and you want to do nice things. It all seems simple enough. You know what you want, and you’d rather not waste much time trying to get it. You didn’t get where you are today by wasting time, and that’s why you use 24-hour Companions in the first place. You know that we provide the highest quality in model escorts, and the highest quality is all you want. The rates reflect the calibre of the high-class companionship that you are getting. Cheaper escort agencies may try to deceive you, but you know how to recognise when things are too good to be true. Even so, you may not realise just how not good these things can end up. The following is a real eye-opener and a bit graphic, but isn’t life better when it’s a bit graphic?

1. Diseases.

Safety is always essential. Although our models are not paid to initiate sexual activity ever, they are sent out in social situations where two consenting adults are free to make their own decisions, and we know up front that at least one of the adults is attracted to the other in some way. If it turns out to be sexual attraction and it happens to be returned, that is the business of the two adults. Still, we believe that it is our business that our ladies maintain a healthy lifestyle in every conceivable way.

2. Thievery.

Your guard is down, way down, when you are spending the evening with an outcall escort in your home or luxury hotel room. You should be able to do this, as it seems pretty natural. You are getting close to someone, and intimacy is not out of the window. The truth is, you don’t personally know your escorts and cheaper escort agencies in London may not have the same strict set of standards as we do for the elite model escorts that we represent. You want people you can trust in your home. You can be at ease with a woman who has things to her name and isn’t working for next to nothing in a job that she probably hates because, if we’re being honest, cheaper agencies don’t do for their models what an agency like ours can do.

3. Scams.

Opening yourself up to low cost escorts, often cheap people, is opening yourself up to those who may want to take advantage of you. You don’t live your life looking out for scams. You deal straight with people and expect the people you are giving your money to do the same. That expectation of honesty and upright business practice from cheap escort agencies can and often does lead to a rip-off. You aren’t looking, and you wouldn’t know what to look for anyway. These are not the times when you want information like your credit card number, the kind of information that some of us give out online every day, to get into the wrong hands, especially not by those deceitful enough to set up intricate scams.

4. Exposure to con artists.

This goes hand in hand with scams. Booking a so-called model escort through a cheap escort agency can acquaint you with shady underworld characters. Things like this about the escorting industry aren’t always exaggerations from conservative and prudish minds. You don’t want to cross paths with someone who thinks you’re a sucker, just waiting to take the bait. So don’t let yourself be suckered in; don’t take the bait.

5. Invasion of privacy.

It is natural that you will, by necessity, become somewhat familiar with the escort you spend time with. It only takes one absent-minded comment to reveal more than you intended, and having some random escort from a cheap London agency, or an escort for that matter, telling all your private concerns is not what you want. Discretion is significant to us at 24hr Companions. When it comes to what you say and do behind closed doors and even your identity, if need be, your secrets are always safe with us.

6. Bait and switch.

The models you see on our website are the elite model escorts we represent, but this is not always true. Cheap agencies often pay more attractive models for their photos and use these to trick the client into believing he has some incredibly sexy vixen coming over. In reality, someone who looks like their name should be Victor will be their outcall escort for the evening. Don’t be deceived.

7. Lack of professionalism.

All of the issues above could be avoided if the escorts were simply more professional. If the agencies they were represented by demanded professionalism, as well as showcasing more of their own, this wouldn’t be a problem. The saying that you get what you pay for is true, though, and when people aren’t adequately motivated, all sorts of service falls into shambles.

8. Destroying your reputation.

It’s highly possible that if you’re reading this, you’ve already booked one of our beautiful model escorts as a companion for an event or a night out on the town. There is no question in my mind that if you did, the people around you would be impressed. When she looks good, you look good. When she looks cheap, you look cheap. It’s as simple as that.

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