Rule number one of being a top london escort: Discretion. To be able to conduct yourself professionally while maintaining closeness with the client to make him feel he is your number one. In other words – don’t make him feel as though he has paid for your time, rather than it has been an honour to allow him to do so. It also helps of you enjoy your job, which I do.

Sometimes I find I tie myself in knots being secretive about my job, especially when it comes to my family. Having to be vague all the time is tiring because I can never quite remember what lies I’ve told. My mum and dad still believe I’m in PR although my brother is a bit suspicious. He doesn’t know any London PR executive with the wardrobe as vast or expensive as mine. I tell him I have some really high-profile customers who send samples to our offices on a regular basis. He has been to my apartment but never strayed further than my front room – I don’t want him stumbling across the boudoir any time soon!

There are also the concierge and Maître D’s that keep secrets. Bear in mind I have been to plenty (if not most) of the celebrity restaurants, five star casinos and high class hotels across the capital. For those who take their job seriously (and have been doing it twice as long as I have been alive), they merely nod or pretend they’ve never seen me before. This usually applies to Claridges or The Ritz where reputation is everything. These men know what goes on, but they never say anything; they keep their cards played close to their chests. The ones who are younger or who don’t care too much give me a cheeky wink or pass me a note with their mobile number on in case I should need anything. I have taken them up on the offer a few times when I’ve been in dire straits or come across something unexpected. It’s never what you know, but who.

Being a top escort I have hundreds of secrets in my head belonging to dozens of men who trust me. They tell me things they wouldn’t tell their wives, girlfriends, mothers or friends. I tell myself it makes me privy to a world not many women get to see They long to buy them wisps of French lace and satin in any other colour than white to wear anywhere other than the bedroom. As they pour this lingerie into my lap and I parade it around for them, I can’t help but feel sorry for the women missing out. When we act out a fantasy together or meet on the steps of The Andaz for a 5-star experience, I feel like the princess they wish they were treating.

To feel feminine and desired is the biggest secret of all.

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