Out of this world experiences

Do I believe in ghosts? No, not really, but I have a date for this weekend who would have me think otherwise.

I was more than surprised to have my services utilised by a, for want of a better word, Geek. Simon lives in South-West London, just outside of Earls Court. Vocation: Ghost Chaser. He says he wants to do this full-time rather than an insurance broker for Swiss Re in The Gherkin building. I was more impressed by his day job than the prospect of hunting headless spirits, but it’s not my date to criticise. Simon said I will understand more when I’m there. Wherever “there” is…

I wondered how a Paddington escort could be linked to ghost hunting. Then, my mind began to wander. Could he be one of those men turned on by randy ghosts? So, of course, my curiosity peaked somewhat. I had to do a little googling.

There is such a thing as a Succubus – a female demon appearing in dreams who takes the form of a human woman to seduce men, usually through sexual intercourse. Brilliant… you know I will be one of those in the afterlife! And then there’s an Incubus that is its male counterpart. According to several mythological and legendary traditions, an Incubus lies upon sleepers, especially women, to have intercourse with them. Some ghosts have all the luck.

Of course, you also hear about ghosts having sex with mortals to satisfy themselves in the afterlife. I’m not sure how I feel about that; if it happened to me, I think I’d run from the room screaming [how funny that most of these ‘victims’ went along with it!]

So we will see what Simon has in store for me when I see him at the weekend. Knowing my luck, we’ll end up in the oldest part of the East End, chasing the ghosts of Pearly Kings and Queens in the cold, and being a West End escort, I don’t know the East too well. If he gets me to chant or pray in weird places, I’m going home – period.

So, if you have anything ‘out of this world ‘you want to experience, our girls may consider it. – We have some very open-minded ladies here at 24hr Companions, and as long as you let the receptionist know what you had in mind, we are sure that we will find the right girl for you to make your experience memorable. Give us a call day or night; we are always here to answer your call…

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