Monday again…

So, Monday again. A new working week and a new month in my diary for summer pursuits. Although the catwalks have been sporting their summer range since the sales began, I have only started looking at them carefully while shopping. My reluctance can only be attributed to the up-and-downers of good old blighty weather. To flip-flop or not to flip-flop? That has been the question. Give me continuity any day.

I wanted to save at least five days this month for trips abroad; I have been withdrawing from my passport. One of my favourite fellow London companions, Amanda, has just returned from Milan with a suitcase full of Manolo’s. I almost threw up when I realised she had my much-coveted purple shoe-boots with the red velvet shoe laces. Sadly, my feet are smaller than hers, and I couldn’t justify the price before my following statement on my MasterCard. I could have been swayed when she mentioned they come in red and grey, but the angel on my left sucker-punched the devil on my right shoulder.

I love to look current and unique but still in keeping with all the trends. It would be a complete disaster if I turned up to a date where another lady at a top-class restaurant was wearing the same Prada dress as me. I have expensive taste but like to shake it up by combining my unique dress sense, which I know nobody else will be wearing. I may be headed, but I think I can always pull it off – my figure is fantastic, and I love to show it off – ever so classy, I may add!! I care for my body by working hard at the gym and eating organic food. After all, my body is my business, and I want it to last.

So, with a free (but rapidly filling-up) month ahead and a brand new credit card statement to enjoy, I think I will face the summer months with a smile. As a 24-hour escort, you never know what might happen tomorrow!

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