Magical moments

Okay, winter weddings, summer weddings, Spring weddings, autumn weddings… whatever month you choose to celebrate your magical day. NOTE: I don’t find them magical! I have been to so many weddings. I have been in enough awful bridesmaid’s dresses and themed weddings to last me a lifetime. I’m not cynical. I can see the romance and dedication of the betrothed couple and the love that they share, but I am a busy lady! I think more of “save the date” cards being “save the date for a great trip to New York”.

So imagine my horror when Rich requested the pleasure of my company for his colleagues’ big day at the Ritz London: black tie and ball gown shindig.

I have plenty of beautiful dresses and designer shoes so don’t worry about what I will wear. It’s the thought of all these people acting like they have just been invited to this day to celebrate “Hello” magazine style and not care what the occasion is. But I will play the perfect beautiful escort companion and not let Rich out of my sight.

His only request for me is to play out the girlfriend experience and be attentive and then accompany him back to his penthouse suite for a night that will not reflect the romance and magic of a wedding but to be whomever he wants me to be, which is usually exciting and in some ways very sordid. That’s when the fun begins, and the work stops. I don’t find it challenging to act out any scenario a man wants in the bedroom. I have enough experience with all kinds of men and women to know what works and what doesn’t. Also, the old saying of the customer is always right. I believe a brilliant escort in London must’ve made it up.

My clients know from my fabulous escort profile on the website what I do or don’t like to partake in, so there is never any confusion regarding wants or needs. If it says I’m up for anything, then who am I to disappoint?

So, being a professional model and doting girlfriend, I know how important it is to be with a man as their partner should they request it. I know to laugh at my colleague’s unfunny jokes and be charming and intelligent when right.

But get me to the church on time. It isn’t when we return to the safety net of the two of us after hours, and he will not be disappointed with our own “magic”. Thank you!

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