It’s Not All About The Money…

You might think living the life of an elite escort is glamorous, thrilling and spontaneous. For the most part, I would agree with you. I like the variation, and I get a high from the thrills and whims of my clients. However, there is also the issue of money – the price a man is willing to pay for the attention of a beautiful woman.

There is nothing seedy about wanting to take a beautiful blonde or busty brunette escort out to dinner in London for a bit of talk, dancing and wine. No one has to know how you met because they wouldn’t necessarily be privy to the truth should they ask. I don’t use a social function as an opportunity to network – that would be uncouth. My clients are often repeat business, or they have stumbled across me whilst browsing the 24-hour Companions website. It’s not as though I have a selection of business cards reading Escort as my chosen profession, ready to hand out at any opportunity. For the time I’m with my date, he is the important one because it is his money we are enjoying, and we only speak about it once in the evening.

That said, I have some regular clients for whom money is not an issue, and they will talk about it till the cows come home. These are the dates that leave me breathless. I can be sunning myself on the deck of a yacht on the shores of Dubai and wonder how on earth I got there! When I have had a champagne breakfast with strawberries and massaged with coconut oil – all in the name of work – I sometimes think I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I have seen so much in so little time, and I can’t say I would have had the opportunity had I decided to take a job in an office elsewhere in the city.

Closer to home, with the sights and sounds of London all around us, who could resist a lavish lunch at the OXO tower with that fantastic view spread out before them? We Londoners sometimes forget how fortunate we are in our daily business. Apart from the attractions, we also have the simplicity of our parks, especially Hyde Park near Bayswater. At this time of year, it is beautiful with all the spring leaves coming out on the trees. I hope I have a client soon who loves to walk around Hyde Park and take in the sights and sounds. I love to have fun with my gentlemen as it helps with our level of intimacy and makes things all the more memorable for him.

So no matter what is being spent and where it is, I know exactly how to get the best from my date – and he gets the best from me – after all, treats aren’t just for birthdays and Christmas…

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