The Way To An Escort’s Heart

I can be bribed with a Gucci watch or Prada bag, but you will live in my heart forever if you wine and dine with me.

I date a food connoisseur one month every three when he pops down from his home in the Cotswolds to critique some new brasserie. I visited Marco Pierre White’s new restaurant on opening night and was ever so slightly star-struck when I realised I was dining among the capital’s glittering elite. My client merely nodded at a few celebrities and said it wasn’t such a big deal to sit an arm’s length away from a top film star. I, on the other hand, was salivating at breathing the same air as him.

Most of the time, I enjoy dressing up and being on the guest list for The Ivy and Browns, but I like finding quiet spots to eat something homemade. Tiny little country pubs or quaint little cafes on quiet pavements give such ambience to a private conversation. I’m also not opposed to a checked tablecloth, waxy-candle stump and a badly-played accordion. As long as the food is excellent, the wine just as good (and the lighting flattering from all angles), I usually find the date runs itself. I don’t fret too much about getting food down my front or spinach in my teeth because I’m too busy savouring the tastes and textures. I can’t stand these girls who miss the wonder of haute cuisine because they strive to be a size zero or don’t want to be seen chewing in front of their date. Life’s too short to be a WAG.

So why all the food talk? Well, my client is meeting me at five o’clock to take me to Swiss Cottage for dinner. He is freelancing for the Telegraph this week, reviewing Ambar, a new nightspot with a fully stocked bar, late license and international menu. I won’t dress up too much, but I have a new pair of Manolo’s begging to be broken in.

My client loves food but loves the great company of a sexy blonde escort even more, so he books me repeatedly. We have a great relationship, and I tease him about his ‘fussy’ ways, but I believe he has to be in a job such as his!! I was never really a ‘foodie’ until I met this client. He has taught me so much about food, tastes and textures, and I can pick out the most exquisite meals now rather than going for the same old food familiar to me. I enjoy meeting new people and fascinating people like my client, a food critic. It gives my life much variety, and my recent experiences make it much more fulfilling.

So, if you have functions which you wouldn’t mind taking one of our 24-hour Companions ladies to, then why not book one of our girls? You can be sure of an entertaining evening with one of our more cultured ladies, as our girls love to indulge in new experiences.

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