Tonight I’m going to be…

Tonight, I am going back to the girlfriend experience with a twist! My regular customer has clarified that he wants to be surprised and wowed by something I choose to do for us, but he, of course, will be paying.

My gentleman client has not had a long-term girlfriend due to his busy lifestyle. Being president of his company, a massive record label, he doesn’t have time to concentrate on a partnership. Still, he enjoys intimate moments and the closeness of having an attentive woman on his arm. At 39, my client has never been married nor had kids but still wants to play girlfriend/boyfriend with me this evening with plenty of good old-fashioned hand-holding and loving eyes.

I like that he has given me the responsibility of choosing his surprise evening. I’m not going to choose anything too flashy. Nothing too “out there” because he has made it very clear that he wants to blend into the crowd and just be perceived as another couple out for the night.

My first port of call to get inspiration was visiting my wardrobe! Okay, maybe this isn’t deemed necessary to many, but to me, this is the focal point of how our date will begin…and end. I want to look like someone’s girlfriend. So, I still look sexy and pretty, but not with an over-the-top cocktail dress, which may not be appropriate attire for where I am planning for us to go. Looking great for a man is just as important as the venue of the date itself. To me, being in a relationship is about keeping things fresh and as exciting as the first time you met. Tonight, I am wearing a gorgeous mini dress with heels and leaving my long chestnut hair flowing down my back, so I have plenty to twiddle around my finger when I flirt innocently with “my man”.

I’ve decided to keep tonight simple. We will have dinner in Covent Garden: good food and a romantic setting. Then we’re going to see a fabulous West End theatre show. I reason that we can eat, have great entertainment and then there is plenty of time to enjoy each other back at his Canary Wharf riverside apartment. That’s one of the perks of booking your escort for a girlfriend experience. I will be enjoying the whole evening and an overnight stay, so my overnight bag will be carefully packed with the essentials plus some extra goodies should he choose something a little more risqué from me.

So, it’s time to get online and start researching for tonight with my good girlfriend hat on!

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