Basic Rules With Elite Ladies

People can often forget, when using an escort lady, that our girls are human beings and have needs too. Just with social situations, using one of our lovely companions has an etiquette that you are expected to take heed of. Firstly, it is paramount that you wash. This may indeed sound silly. However, washing is essential and something an alarming number of men seeking out escorts forget to do. We are a high-class elite agency and want our gentlemen to be high-class and heavenly. If you don’t care about our lovely ladies, then they, in turn, won’t respect you. Our models spend at least an hour preparing for their clients, preening themselves and selecting the perfect outfit for their gentlemen. This comes naturally to our girls, mainly because they are of the highest quality, and we want to give each individual an experience to remember. They expect their clients also to make an effort, and whilst most of our gentlemen make a great deal of effort when preparing to meet our ladies, a select few seem to be allergic to anything clean.

Our escorts in London don’t care if you are overweight or lacking in confidence. That certainly won’t be an issue with our gorgeous ladies. As long as you’re respectful and kind, that counts, but expecting our high-class girls to put up with poor hygiene is very unpleasant. It may force your companion to abandon the evening you had in mind. Another thing to remember is that our ladies need to be treated with respect. They have become an escort because it is a career choice and not to be looked down on. They are there to make your experience a happy one. You will be able to talk to her as an equal and not to make her feel intimidated. Many of our ladies are students and exceptionally well-educated. Take a bit of time to get to know you’re a companion. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do.

All business transactions should be carried out first to relax in the evening. The prices quoted to you on the telephone are precisely what our ladies should get, and there should be no negotiating with our ladies about costs when they arrive or if you decide to visit her. If you would like to extend, then the same process is repeated at the beginning of each hour. Your chosen model will always stay her allotted time you have paid for – unless you decide to end it earlier. These are just basic rules to keep both you and our companions happy. A vast majority of our clients adhere to these rules, making the whole process an extremely fulfilling one for each party involved.

To make an appointment with one of our gorgeous girls, please call us on – 07966 161 161

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