A Client’s Point Of View

We have many satisfied customers who come and visit us time and time again. We have built up quite a rapport with some of our regulars, and sometimes, they are more than happy to inform us of their satisfaction with the service we provide and the girls we have on offer. It’s always good for us to get feedback from our clients. It helps us provide the right escort for the right occasion and enables us to keep providing first-class service at all times.

Recently, we received this email from a regular customer here at Pink who was happy to share his experience and views with us
” I am a business tycoon living in London, always working myself to the bone. I have had some women who I’ve considered the right one, but it’s never worked out. I thought I was into serious relationships, but I’m far too busy. Busy people don’t like to feel alone, and men like me don’t want to be alone.

One day, I just decided to take a walk, not in sync with those who have somewhere to go. , I was going to where my feet took me. It wasn’t long after I’d set out that I saw this man sitting with a gorgeous young lady, cuddling his arm as they sat outside a cafe. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. He was much older than her and not particularly good-looking, yet he had this beautiful girl paying him attention. I decided to go in and get myself a drink. I watched them as I waited for my order, and without realising it, while I was admiring the young lady, my stare caught her partner. As I was leaving, I noticed he was now watching me. I exited the cafe, and as I was about to pass by, I stopped momentarily. I didn’t think about what I was saying; ‘How’d she…’ Who is she’… He looked at me, smiled and said ’24hr Companions’.

I should’ve guessed that she may have been an escort, but honestly, I didn’t expect escorts to be that beautiful. I don’t know what I thought, but I imagined that she must have been extremely expensive. I continued on my stroll, but by this time, curiosity had gotten the better of me. I had my phone in hand, and I found your website. I called the number, and within minutes, I had made an appointment to see a lady who was within walking distance from me. I didn’t stop and think about what I was doing, but seeing the lady in the cafe gave me a boost, and when I found out that the girls weren’t nearly as expensive as I thought they’d be, I just went for it.

My first booking was with the beautiful Tatiana. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find her. She was exactly what I needed and more. That week, I went to see her twice. The next time I called to see her, she wasn’t available, so I was recommended by another young lady who was nearby. To date, I have lost track of the number of ladies I have seen, but I am very rarely left disappointed. The services the Pink receptionists offer and the girls are second to none, and I’m happy to say that for now, I have found ‘the one’ for me. 24hr Companions.”

So you see, love can be complicated if it’s one-sided, with the timescale only being on your terms. That’s what comes with the territory if you are a successful businessman. So, if you need a gorgeous lady whenever you need her, then here at 24hr, you can do just that. We are a well-established London escort agency with a reputation for being honest, friendly and providing a first-class service. We pick very carefully when employing our escort girls in London and have many loyal customers who regularly use our services. Our beautiful escorts are chosen worldwide for their charm, friendly nature, stunning looks and, of course, something special. Our girls have 100% genuine and recent pictures, and we provide honest and accurate descriptions for each one.

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