Planning Ahead

We cannot always plan, but if you have your heart set on a particular lady and would be very disappointed if she wasn’t available on your chosen time and day, why not guarantee her availability by booking her in advance? Our excellent team of receptionists will confirm your chosen London escort for you and give you her address to visit, so that’s one less thing that you need to worry about. Here at Pink, as you can imagine, we can get swamped, and you may have a list of ladies that interest you, but imagine the frustration when our girls are busy elsewhere. You can be flexible when booking, as you can give a ‘timescale’ of when you would arrive so you don’t have to be dead on time, as we do understand your busy schedule. So if you wanted 3 pm but knew that time would be thereabouts, then our ladies wouldn’t mind if you are a little late, so long as you let us know. If, however, you are running very late and do not let the agency know, then unfortunately, your booked lady will have to cancel.

If you cannot book ahead and find it impossible as your busy schedule does not permit, we will still offer some beautiful central London escorts who will guarantee to take your breath away. Maybe the ladies that we do have available would not necessarily be your first choice, but if you do see one of our gorgeous babes on offer, you may be surprised at just how pleasurable and lovely she is. 24-hour Companions aims to please and wants to make you, as our customer, very happy. We want you to trust our judgement if you ever need recommendations. All you have to do is call us, and we will be glad to help you find your perfect match.

We’ve had many satisfied clients in the past, as the evidence shows with our many reviews. If you look at the 24-hour Companions review page, you will see all the excellent feedback we have had from happy customers. We want you to be satisfied, too; we only have the best lovelies on our books. We’d like you to come back again and again, and if you could be kind enough to write an escort review, too, then you would help other potential customers decide that this is the right agency for them. Please take time to look at our gallery of lovely girls. You will find it friendly, but don’t just look – book!!!

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