Anonymous London

London is a vibrant city full of people of every creed and colour. You can get lost in being anonymous in this city, which is quite reassuring when you want to see one of our beautiful ladies. Our escorts in the City are discrete anyway, but there are so many people going about their business in London that nobody cares what you are up to. You could be with a gorgeous lady in a Casino, and the chances are anybody recognising you are very rare. So don’t be worried about not fulfilling your whole perfect evening as you will be able to in this City.

London has many Casinos, and we all enjoy a ‘flutter’ here and there. Here at 24hr Companions, we know a few favourite Casinos of our clients and want to share them with you. The Sportsman Casino and Restaurant is a premier gaming establishment. It boasts state-of-the-art technology for the perfect members’ club atmosphere. Flame in London’s Leicester Square is another high-class casino with a restaurant to match, serving fine quality steaks for when you get a bit hungry. The Ritz in Piccadilly is situated in the famous hotel, with its glitz and glamour, you will have to ‘dress to impress’. It boasts beautiful, intimate dining rooms, too. The Colony Club Restaurant, situated in London’s Mayfair, is very popular with celebrities and consummate hard workers alike. Their restaurant has the finest cuisines from Asia, the Middle East and the Orient.

Remember that you want to look the part in one of London’s top casinos with that exuberant lady on your arm. This is where Agency Pink comes in very handy. Casinos are full of ‘beautifully groomed ‘people, and of course, you are one of these people, and all you need now is the perfect accessory on your arm. Our ladies are always immaculately presented, so she will never look out of place with you. Your Casino night will be much more fun with somebody else sharing your luck. If you are a serious gambler and like to do these things alone, when you have collected your chips at the end of the night, why not give us a call, and we can have a London escort over that can share you’re winnings and glory with you!

We will never share your contact information with anybody else, so be assured that if you contact us, your number will not be used again. You may, of course, request us to contact you to tell you of any new ladies that would be of interest to you, but again, that will be on your say-so, and we will never ‘randomly’ call you when you have gone back to your ‘everyday’ life. We will only need to text you the ladies’ addresses that you are visiting for convenience and a list of ladies available for you to look at on our gallery if a pen isn’t available to you. The ladies will never have your number, so you will be safe knowing nobody will find out about your rendezvous. Please delete the lady’s addresses afterwards, as we cannot be responsible for your error!!

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