All for a good cause

Today I am going to an Auction. Well, it was an early start. My right-hand man Franco was here in Mayfair with a cardboard carrier of Americano coffees and some croissants-to-go. As I had my hair in a towel and my stress head on, this was a very welcome sight! My door was wedged open with a shoe – not being auctioned off – and some rather burly and tasty young men were moving in and out of it. There were times when I almost said “oh, not that one” but Franco shook his head wordlessly at me and I had to let them go.

And then we were off to Oxford Circus! I could feel the adrenaline as we watched the crates and rails being unloaded by a team of extremely organised young women. I have no idea where they came from but I think they had something to do with James and his abundant knowledge of fund raiser organisers. Anyhow, they treated me like royalty and I could almost taste the palpable aura of garment lust. “If you want it, you’ll have to bid on it darling, Franco said to one young sexy blonde who was pawing a limited edition Pucci silk jacket.

At ten o’clock the doors were flung open to the public. The rows of seats were immediately filled, the edges of the warehouse flanked by assistants on the phone and other buyers. I recognised a few faces from my regular haunts (Kensington, Fulham and Chelsea) – a few gave me the thumbs up. My beautician was right at the front with her life savings to bid on one of my pink fur coats.

There was an expectant buzz and then Franco introduced the cause and then… me! I was waved up to the front to say a few words and my mouth went dry but I managed it. And after deafening applause, it began…

Money, running into tens, hundreds and thousands flew across that warehouse. A pair of strappy Jimmy Choos from SS07 went for £900 within the first ten minutes. Scraps of silk, lace, satin and feathers exchanged hands like hot cakes. There were a few Japanese girls in the audience battling for Chanel and Chloe that I thought might get ugly at one point. Thankfully James had the sense to hire me some security guards when he was dishing out the employment for the day.

And by 13.30 it was all over. The cash tin was counted, the cheques and credit card slips bundled up and after checking three times, the grand total for my designer goods at auction was….. £327,089! And no, I’m not kidding. Bear in mind that I have (had!)Some pretty wealthy clients and some retro, authentic pieces in my collection, it is still pretty staggering!

Enjoy ST BARNARDO’S and SCOPE – two worthy causes.

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