Looking forward to Spring

It’s such an exciting time of year! We can safely say that our lives are all about constant excitement, but as the days lengthen and the weather warms up, excitement levels start to soar…

What is it about warmth weather which sends the libidos leaping? Warm weather means for most people that layers of clothes come off. The padded coats, thick jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves are no longer necessary, and the feel of the sun on the skin warms us up.

Wearing less clothing and feeling warmer means the thought of divesting garments no longer seems so disagreeable, so that is why it is easier to feel sexy in warmer weather.

And the sun is so cheering! Londoners can be stern and grim-faced, but the sun brings out our natural cheeriness, and we smile at strangers in the street, congratulating ourselves on having survived another winter.

Spring brings all the thrill of new activities – new outdoor restaurants. Then there are the exhibitions, the markets, the concerts, the festivals and the new nightclub launches. If there is something new that has caught your attention and you find yourself in want of beautiful and entertaining companionship, then we can only recommend the services of the best escorts in London.

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