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London is the capital of culture, especially to those who live there or to the visitors who are constantly returning to this magnificent city. The vast gallery and museum and many exhibitions on an annual basis show that art in London is at an extremely high level. Some galleries and academies are reserved only for privileged guests with prominent taste, and one of them is the Royal Academy of Arts in London, which will make a spectacle in the summer of 2018. If you want to take in some culture in London with one of our 24-hour escort Companions, here is a little more information;

One of the biggest and most popular exhibitions that the Royal Academy of Arts in London carries each year is the famous “Summer Exhibition”, a synonym for what is happening in the art world. Although the Summer Exhibition has long been one of the most prestigious in the world, in 2018, this exhibition will still be different from previous years. The reason for this is more than spectacular: The Royal Academy of Arts in London will, in 2018, celebrate 250 years of the continuous work of the Summer Exposition.

This exhibition will be the largest so far, and it will, in a certain way, show the rhetorical development of this grand event, as well as the result of British art in general. Therefore, many works of art will spend the exhibition guests from 1768, when the Royal Academy of Arts founded the Summer Exhibition, to date. This is the most legendary exhibition in the UK. She shows works from various genres such as painting, sculpture, photography, film, famous authors, and young people frequently appearing in art. In addition to being a sort of social event of the year that provides insights into world art, the Summer Exposition was where they competed and received valuable prizes from some of Britain’s most famous artists, such as William Turner and Joshua Reynolds.

The summer exhibition will be held from June 12 to August 19, 2018, under the name ‘The Great Spectacle’, which the presentation was at the time of its foundation. In addition, the main gallery space of the AcademyAcademy collection includes additional exhibition wings. Coordinators of the show are artists Grayson Perry and curators Marcel Hallett and Sarah Turner from the educational institution Paul Mellon Center in London. About 115 works will be exhibited, of which 90 paintings, 25 sculptures and drawings on paper, works from private collections.

One of the most critical events in the exhibition was ‘Varnishing Day’, when artists, according to the legend, came to complete their works by putting the last layer of lacquer on canvas. The Summer Exhibition 2018 will be much more than exhibited artwork; it will be a spectacular journey through the history of British art.

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