Take our ladies sightseeing

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with over 7.9 million tourists visiting the nation’s capital each year. People from all over the world visit London to sightsee and indulge in all things British. One of the up-and-coming tourist industries is escorting; a massive surge in tourist bookings has occurred in the last eight months, with more and more people using escort agencies to have unadulterated fun whilst on vacation here. Tourist bookings are fast becoming our girls’ favourite as they experience the culture of somebody else’s company.

Central London is a focal point for tourism, particularly End, Oxford Street and Westminster. The West End has some of the greatest theatre shows on earth; our elite London escorts are huge fans of the theatre, whether Les Miserables or Mamma Mia; all our girls are great company. We recently had a client visit London from New York, and he decided to take our stunning Spanish escort Kendra to see the Ghost Stories theatre show; the feedback we received was terrific. Our client said, “I had the most amazing time with Kendra; she was so sexy and kind. The show that you recommended was perfect, just what I wanted; it was lovely to snuggle up to Kendra in the theatre as we built a bond before retiring to my hotel room afterwards”.

All girls love shopping, which is no different for our expensive London escorts. And where better place to shop than Oxford Street? Quite possibly the busiest road in London, thousands of people visit daily to hunt for bargains or the latest exclusive designer brands. With shops ranging from department stores to luxurious boutiques, there is something for everyone on Oxford Street. Our girls are more than happy to assist you and give you a guided tour on your visit to London.

If you are more of a fan of sightseeing, then London has plenty to offer you; St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge are just some places you can visit and soak in some British history. Our girls are familiar with the area and can offer input on these extraordinary monuments.

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