Treat her like a princess

At 24hr Companions, we have a wide range of escorts from all different places and cultures with discerning tastes and expensive palates. Many of our companions in London like their dates to wine and dine them and treat them to the finer things in life. These ladies are not your average. They are looking for gentlemen who know how to have a good time – what wines to order, the finer places to go and see, the kind of gentleman who will treat them well and, in return, be the best companions available, whatever the occasion. So, if you think you are one of those men who can tantalise these elite escorts’ taste buds, then here are a few tips for you!

These ladies adore presents in all shapes and sizes, but what matters the most is the thought that goes into them. Want to lease your princess? Buy her something sexy and scorching hot from one of the world’s finest luxury lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur, Bordelle or Jean Yu.

This is a little trick as you enjoy it yourself, too. Jewellery shouldn’t be overlooked; what fine lady doesn’t like to be dripping in diamonds? Trust us, they will know just how to show their appreciation! Picture our 300+ escort, Adele, a French model, in the fine lingerie and jewels you’ve bought her, and you know she’ll do whatever you want.

These ladies don’t just have expensive taste in clothes and lingerie. They only like to eat the finer things in life – that’s how they stay so mouth-wateringly gorgeous and maintain their exquisite figures! 

Take them out for a night on the town – to one of Central London’s many Michelin Star restaurants. Don’t bore them with bland dinners; excite them with new tastes and exciting flavours.

Don’t take her to just any bar, either! London has a great cocktail culture. Try rooftop bars and members’ clubs to show off this sexy lady!

Don’t just turn up at her flat expecting a quick moment of passion. Turn up looking the part, dress in a fine suit, and make sure you are well-presented for this classy female companion!

Ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Book tables, and ensure you don’t embarrass yourself, as there’s no quicker way to lose your lady’s interest. Make it a night to remember, and your lady will make it the night of your life!

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