Mix & Match

You can book more than one girl at a time at 24-hour Companions; if you’re finding it hard to choose because our girls are all lovely, then why not order two together and get the best of both? Brunette and blonde escorts, busty escorts and petite, your liaisons will be unbelievable as you catch yourself in the mirror as the 3 of you are all having a ‘naughty’ time. You can choose what you’d like. Maybe you are keen to watch two babes together, or you’d prefer they were both please you, as this is your time and it’s all about you!!! So much pleasure you’d think you’ve gone to heaven.

You could also let our flirtatious fancies do a ‘show’ for you first, and then that’ll get you in the zone needed for a rampant night to remember, much better than going to the gym!! We have a few ladies who ‘specialise’ and love working with each other as they are used to one another’s needs and desires. Or if you’d rather have two ladies exclusive to your needs only, we have ladies who will only be too happy to oblige. A sense of humour is always needed in these situations, and our duo escorts have all the qualities to give you a fun and highly sexy erotic night of your life.

Why not treat yourself? We are only a call away; life is too short for what-ifs… Could you not keep it to yourself? Why not tell your close friends about your jam-packed night of excitement, so next time you’re in town, you can show your friends what a ‘pro’ you are, as these lovely ladies will be putty in your hands – very impressive!! So what are you waiting for??

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