24hr travel Companion

We know you are thinking that you can’t imagine the life of 24-hour escorts as that glamorous, but we promise it can be very charming indeed, and travel is part and parcel of it. Of course, many of our ladies at 24hr Companions have come to this country from other places.

Our ladies know the long haul, and they see the value of sitting it out, as travel rewards are great. International travel and that urge to explore brought them to this country after all!

Many girls also get regular booking requests for travel. Sometimes it’s an omestic trip only – an event taking place outside London – in Scotland perhaps or even Eire. Our ladies are happy to take in the sights and sounds of the British Isles, and sometimes, they head out of the busy, bustling capital and find themselves in quieter, more rural places.

There is also the demand for international travel. Perhaps they meet a client in London, say, and they take a shine to their chosen companion and what she can provide. Maybe that person is booked in for some international travel – a trip to Europe or even the States and it starts to look lonesome, going to the airport, booking in, flying all that way and finding oneself in an anonymous hotel.

So much better, don’t you think, to take in the sights and sounds of somewhere abroad when in the company of beautiful companions?

Escorts are experts at foreign travel – how to do it in style – too. They know how to pack quickly, they can even pack with minimum fuss and minimum baggage, they can make the in-flight travel exciting and fun, and they make your destination even better.

They say it is better to travel than to arrive. Travel with an overnight escort, and both are equally as good!

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