A proper Girlfriend Experience

Good morning everyone. I woke up late today mostly because this 24 hour escort was out until 2am at Martin’s house in Kensington and I slept like a log until about half an hour ago.

So here I am, back in my Mayfair apartment. Beside me is a strong cup of coffee (machine, not instant), a pain au chocolat close by and that warm, fuzzy feeling that tells you that you’re satisfied. You may be wondering why I sound like a loved-up teenager but I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had a wonderful GFE-date last night with lots of laughing.

I took a taxi as usual over to Kensington. The rain was on and off so I had weather-proofed my hair into curls. My new fabulous eyebrows and eye make-up had me in a wonderful mood and I must have radiated sunshine as the driver grinned at me. Martin sensed my mood before he even answered the door. He told me later that he could positively ‘feel’ the smile on my face through the frosted glass. And it set the tone for the rest of the night. We kissed hello like lovers and had a late supper by candlelight in the dining room.

All through the evening, we talked and laughed. Martin confided that he hadn’t really been out on any dates since his divorce last year and being with me was relaxing him. We got through two bottles of Wolf Blass yellow label – although he drank faster than me – and then took the last half-bottle through to the bedroom. My La Perla underwear was the icing on the cake!

As we lounged on the bed an hour later, Martin asked me to pencil him into my Filofax for some more dates. He said he wanted to take me to the theatre. I said I was desperate to see ‘Singing in the Rain’ at Shaftesbury Avenue sometime soon and his face lit up. I admitted it is one of my favourite films and he said “I’ll book, let’s do it!”

When our four hours was at an end, I reluctantly collected my things and called another cab. Martin wanted me to stay the night but we hadn’t worked an over-night stay into our arrangement and I assured him that I would next time, if he wanted to arrange it in advance.

You see, I like that close boy-girl thing as much as my clients and it makes me happy that they’re happy. And when I am as happy the following morning as I was the night before, that’s job satisfaction for you.

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